Between fashion and technology, refuse to choose.

best phone charging cable bracelet

Don't just live a life on the go, command it.

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The Most Reliable Phone Charging Cable Bracelet

We love our phones, now it's time to love their accessories. Introducing Torro, a fashion forward USB cable disguised as a designer bracelet. This MFI certified cable is guaranteed to catch the attention of friends, coworkers, and even your boss. The Torro phone charging cable bracelet plugs into any USB port and, in addition to charging your device, will sync any desired data as well. Available in an array of styles and sizes such as Onyx Black, Madonna  and Ivory, all bracelets take advantage of designer quality faux leather to ensure that no animal products are used. With options ranging from chrome to18k gold plated clasps, these extremely stylish USB bracelets are built for strength. While others waste time awkwardly untangling discolored and cracked USB cords, James Bond himself will take notice as you simply unclip your Torro. So, throw away that nasty USB cord, the Torro phone charging cable bracleet is here to ensure that dressing to impress will never compromise your ability to dress for success. For every professional in every field, the evolution of technology is here. Don't just live a life on the go, command it. When it comes to fashion verses technology, refuse to choose, stay charged. 

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